Statewide Tour of Manufacturing

65 manufacturers participated in the Statewide Tour of Manufacturing in October 2013!

The Statewide Tour of Manufacturing, held on October 24-26, provided an eye-opening and educational opportunity to learn about modern, high-tech manufacturing. 

Did you know that many manufacturing programs in Minnesota colleges have nearly 100% job placement right now? That’s because modern American manufacturing jobs are so high-tech and innovative that companies are having trouble finding enough qualified employees.



Learn About Modern Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing employees lead happy lives. Here are a few benefits that people learned about on their manufacturing tour:


Great Work Environment

Spend your days in a clean, modern manufacturing facility with the latest equipment and safety standards.


Opportunities for Collaboration

Have the opportunity to work with teams doing engaging hands-on projects.


Challenging Projects

Manufacturing careers are high-tech and allow you to build new and innovative things that change people’s lives. 


Great Salaries

The average manufacturing salary is $10,000 more than the average job in Minnesota. 

See How People Make Your Favorite Products

Minnesota manufacturers make some of the most important products in the world! People who toured saw things like: 

  • Snowmobiles
  • Construction equipment
  • Airplane parts
  • Military technology
  • Life-saving medical devices
  • Baseball bats
  • Wooden toys

… just to name a few. 

See the infographic on the power of manufacturing in Minnesota.